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1918 œ Tokyo Woman's Christian University is founded and classes begin at Tsunohazu (in present-day Shinjuku), Tokyo.
1924 œ he University moves to Iogi-mura, Toyotama-gun (present-day Zempukuji, Suginami-ku).
1948 œ Under the School Education Act, the University is reorganized as a four-year institution and the Division of Literature is established.
1950 œ The Junior College opens.
1954 œ The Institute for Comparative Studies of Culture is established.
1961 œ The University is reorganized as a College of Arts and Sciences, consisting of seven departments.
1966 œ The Junior College moves to Mure, Mitaka, and is reorganized into two departments.
1968 œ The University celebrates its 50th anniversary.
1971 œ The Graduate School, offering master's degrees, is founded.
1976 œ The Center for Women's Studies is established. (1990- Becomes the Institute for Women's Studies)
1988 œ The College of Culture and Communication (Department of Communication, Department of Cross-cultural Studies and Department of Languages) is established in Mure, Mitaka-shi.
The University celebrates its 70th anniversary.
1997 œ The College of Culture and Communication moves to Zempukuji, Suginami-ku.
1998 œ The University celebrates its 80th anniversary.
2005 œ The Doctoral Program is inaugurated.
2008 œ The University celebrates its 90th anniversary.
2009 œ The School of Arts and Sciences (the Division of Humanities, the Division of Global Social Sciences, the Division of Human Sciences, and the Division of Mathematical Sciences) is established.
2012 œ The Master's Degree Course, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences (the Division of Humanities and Cultures, the Division of Human and Social Sciencesj is inaugurated.
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